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Profile Discussion Guide

Sample Completed Profile Discussion Guide

Sample Pointers County Profile Guide

Your county profile provides an overview of a variety of indicators related to community food systems. Consider using this data to:

  • inform a community comprehensive planning process
  • inform local policies related to food systems
  • guide non-profit organizations working on food systems issues
  • identify strengths or weaknesses in your local or regional food system
  • better understand how your county compares to the regional food system
  • serve as a baseline to see how your county or the region is changing over time
  • identify indicators for food systems change that are not yet available through secondary data

The Profile Discussion Guide includes a series of questions for use in interpreting the data with a group. Consider asking participants to review the profile and make notes individually about what they noticed in the data and discuss the results as a group. The Sample Profile Discussion Guide provides an example of how to use the discussion guide with sample data.

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